The following are some of the nonferrous and ferrous metal we can source for you. Contact us for other metals you are interested in buying or selling.

Nonferrous Metal Recycling

Aluminum Brass Bronze Copper
Lead Nickel Platinum Tin

Ferrous Metal Recycling

#1 Bundles #2 Bundles HMS Steel Turnings
Auto Cast Springs Cast Iron Cast Iron Borings
Clips Coils Sheet Iron Dies
Flashings Forgings Foundry Steel Mill Scale
Mixed HMS (#1 and #2) Wire Machining Scrap Reroll Rail
Steel and Copper
Steel scrap and Uninsulated Copper wire

Carbon Steel scrap (from the manufacturer of spares for Ducati, Toyota, Nissan and Yamaha)

  1. Forging Runners
  2. Forging Flash
  3. End Bit, and
  4. Machining Scrap
SCM420H 22MM
SCr420H 20MM
545C 50MM
C70S6 48MM, 53MM, 36MM
Forging Runners and Flash
1) Forging Runners and Flash
End Bit and Machining Scrap
2) End Bit and Machining Scrap