JZ International Materials Sourcing

JZ International Materials Sourcing (JZIMS) is a USA company created in 2016 to help companies with manufacturing of aftermarket or custom auto parts for the North American, South American, and Europe market in alliance with ISO certified auto parts manufacturers from INDIA. We are also trading in commodities like PET flakes, paper,  and other commodities, globally. In a short time-frame, we have been able to meet many customer requirements successfully. We  tie-up with manufacturers and suppliers for various products and negotiate for the best deal to pass on to your company. We strive for a win-win situation. We have alliances in different countries to help secure the product you need. Our business dealings are  straightforward and safe for all parties. We only do business with established companies.

Map of JZIMS international partnerships

Why Use Us?

Our established long-term relationships with suppliers and manufacturers allow us to negotiate and purchase any commodities with mutual interests in mind as we have built a good trust with them.

  • We have tied up with some of the best Indian manufacturers to make any metal or rubber based auto part of your company. They are well known in the industry to have the technical expertise to make any transmission, friction, or belt related products, among other parts. They have the expertise to meet all ASTM standards for the parts to meet all OEM or custom requirements to meet your expectations. We are working with some of the top tier buyers of auto parts in the USA to make the product for the masses.
  • We are connected with several trustworthy suppliers for the commodities you need and ensure a consistent supply of materials.
  • We have business relationships in other parts of the world such as India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Germany, Middle East, and South America. 
  • We can arrange for small or large volumes of any trading commodity from domestic and foreign mills.
  • We can handle everything for you from material sourcing, pre-shipment and pre-loading inspections to port delivery and container release with the help of our partners. You do not have to worry about the logistics if you are dealing with us.

Copper Wire

Our success only depends based on the quality of our customers and suppliers.